The 2019 Future Energy Scenario Report

The 2019 Future Energy Scenario Report (published by by the UK’s National Grid) outlines four scenarios, built within a framework that considers the speed of decarbonisation and the level of decentralisation. The Consumer Evolution scenario estimates that by 2050 up to 58% of generation capacity could be produced by smaller scale local energy centres. It is not a prediction but it clearly demonstrates the importance of decentralisation as a fundamental requirement if decarbonisation ambitions are to be achieved.

CO2 impact

The chart shows the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions of a CTEC Clean Technology Energy Centre, compared with a gas-powered Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy plant and with the CO2 emissions from an incinerator.

The CO2 emissions from CTEC are 50% of those emitted by a gas CHP and only 30% of those emitted by an incinerator.  This is a measure based on a percentage of the volume of gasses emitted.

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