CTEC Energy is bringing disruptive technology for clean and efficient power generation with zero adverse environmental impact

Innovators in Electricity Generation from Plastic Waste

A radical feature of CTEC’s technology is that smaller scale applications (350kWe & 2.5MWt) deliver commercial rates of return for communities, clean power solutions for Hospitals, municipalities, residential developments or light industrial units – with a minimal footprint and significantly reduced Planning Consent issues.

Outstanding feature of CTEC’s process, is despite the use of more complex waste sources as ‘fuel’, emissions levels are significantly lower than those generated by incinerators.  CTEC’s CO2 emission level is around 30% of an incinerator and 50% compared with a gas CHP plant.  The business case is driven by the capability for customers to make savings of 30% to 100% of existing energy costs by using a disruptive technology that is cleaner than incineration and diverts non-recyclable plastic and other waste streams away from landfill. The key component is the income generated by the Company charging a competitive gate fee for every tonne of waste used by it.  So instead of paying for fuel, CTEC is paid to process ‘fuel’ which in many cases is being regulated away from landfill in the medium term, such as medical waste.

Producing Electricity from Unrecyclable waste & Managing Waste

In the medium term CTEC Energy will continue to refine its technology and develop a portfolio of effective applications.  Its unique capabilities place the Company in a strong position to deliver a wide variety of waste management and energy release projects that incorporate elements of the CTEC technology. The projections for this plan are based on a shorter term market opportunity.

The global waste to energy market size is expected to reach £45 billion pa by 2027, the European waste to energy market alone is projected to reach £22 billion pa by 2027.

Waste is a valued resource by targeting UK housing association new builds with local council support, NHS hospitals and commercial opportunities, this strategy is the same globally, CTEC is not interested in the mentality of “let’s get rid of waste” !

Most of the energy from waste is currently produced in the form of electricity. CTEC systems are targeting high gate fee waste to generate electricity and heating for homes such as medical and un recyclable waste.

A single CTEC system disposing of 500kg per hour of hard to recycle waste delivers electricity for 700 homes with heating for 1500 homes.

CTEC differs from mass burn incineration by sorting and selecting different types of waste streams to create a modern day fuel by mixing of plastics and Biomass together.

CTEC is conducting business via Partnerships/agreements and joint ventures in the waste to energy market. With the increasing growth in the market, CTEC is introducing new disruptive technologies for converting waste to energy. Generating public awareness about the short fall of incineration, CTEC new products are allied with Friends of the earth objectives.


CTEC’s operational plan is to manufacture and supply 15 Clean Technology Energy Centres by the end of 2023, and thereafter completing a minimum build of 12 units per year. The proprietary CTEC technology has been developed over the last decade by the UK team. Key components of this technology have been successfully patented by the Company funded by more than £6 million invested to date.  CTEC target Revenues of £6 million in the next 15 month period and is moving to operating profitability by 2022.

It is the intention of the Company to develop the business in order to maximise the long term value of its proprietary technology by generating multiple project revenues. In deed, CTEC’s business view is not only to be a manufacturer of energy centers but also to be owner operators of waste to energy plants that can deliver IRR’s in excess of 20%. CTEC parts owns the first production waste to energy plant to be installed on Newhaven port in 2021.

Notes on the technology

The disruptive technology that enables CTEC to maximise the efficiency of the energy recovery process while keeping emissions to a minimum is an unique combination of, and interaction between, a series of separate complex and sophisticated systems and processes. The core of the CTEC Energy Centre sits on the spectrum between incineration and gasification; but this is combined with proprietary gas recirculation processes and CTEC’s patented heat exchange system.

The prototype energy centre has been fully operational in Newhaven for five years, testing the system with a variety of waste streams, checking emission levels while also generating thermal energy and electricity at reliable and predictable output levels.  Now the system has been perfected and validated, it is ready to be replicated for commercial deployment.