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Provide training as well as creating bespoke tools


Is your Excel spreadsheet giving you a headache? Do you find yourself spending hours to complete what feels like a simple task in Excel? Perhaps you need to calculate a formula but have no idea where to start?


If you’re looking to invest in the help of Excel experts, you have come to the right place. The team here at ExcelXLS offer years of experience in Excel Automation. With a passion for numbers, an instinct for insights and a focus for improvements in service, we are dedicated to providing efficient and effective solutions to businesses across the country.

When you work with us, we promise to give you our undivided attention and full use of our expertise so we can find a solution that works for you. We promise not to bog you down with jargon or industry talk, but will instead talk to you in a clear and concise manner so we can be on the same page and help you effectively.

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Here at Excel XLS Consulting we can help turn hours into seconds thanks to our Microsoft Excel consultancy. With our extensive Excel knowledge, we can help you with anything from formulas and coding/macros to problem solving and automation. Better yet,

 we can use our expertise in Excel to create bespoke tools to suit your needs. We even provide Excel Training to individuals or groups

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