Quick takes

What does it do?

It helps fine lines and wrinkles of the face

How many units ?

20-64 units

How long does it last ?

3-5 months.

Pain Level is ?

minimal, just a few, very small needle sticks

Treatment time?

Less than 10 minutes



At Key West Med Spa, we specialize in temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Our expert places the correct amount of botox in just the right spots to reduce the effects of aging skin and restore a more youthful you.

What causes wrinkles?

Well there are a number of causes including sun exposure, squinting, frequent raising of brows, laughing and natural skin aging.

How does Botox work?

Botox works by stopping certain chemical signals coming from nerves that make muscles contract. This blocking of signals is temporary, lasting a few months. The facial muscles contracting is one of the causes of the wrinkles on the face. The inhibition of those muscles smooths out the lines in the face, causing a more relaxed, more youthful appearance. It takes botox minimum of 3 days to start working. Usually the full result of the treatment can be seen in 5-14 days.

How Many units of botox are needed?

Usually 64 units of Botox are needed to treat the mid and upper face. Using the complete dose increases satisfaction with results and gives the longest lasting results. The 64 units are usually divided as follows: 20 units are used in the forehead, 20 units are normally used on the lines between the brows, and 24 units are used on the crows feet. Some people use less depending on their comfort with Botox, however this might lead to a less effective treatment or shorter duration of the Botox action. There are many other uses for botox such as lip flips which the dose is much smaller, around 10 units, or Nefertiti Lift which the amount of botox varies or botox for downward sloping mouth or marionette lines etc. See our Botox Girl Diagram Below for where you may need Botox, or come in for a free consultation.

How long does it last?

Well every one is different, but that being said, it usually lasts 3-6 months. Usually we recommend a treatment every 3 months so the wrinkles don’t come back.

What is the Botox Rule of 3’s?

Treat All Three Regions, Three Times a Year, Three Years in a Row. By using Botox every three months for a minimum of three years, the muscle weakens so that eventually it can be used less often to create the same effect.

What are the potential side effects?

Common side effects are temporary bumps on the skin, slight bleeding, bruising, itching . More rare side effects can be ptosis (drooping of the eye lid), asymmetry of the muscle, allergic reaction, and difficulty breathing. Got to the emergency room if you have an allergic reaction or difficulty breathing or contact the clinic if there are other non life threatening affects. A great thing about Botox is it is considered a very safe medication where only 36 cases of serious adverse effects associated with the cosmetic use were reported to the U.S. FDA between 1989 and 2003. Botox is also one of the most studied prescription medications. No other cosmetic neurotoxin can say that, none come close. At Key West Med Spa we only use brand name Botox for your safety and consistency of results.

How can I reduce the appearance of bruising?

Apply ice, avoid alcohol a day prior and following injections, avoid blood thinners such as omega 3 and aspirin. Consult your physician before changing any prescribed medications. The taking of alcohol and blood thinners may still mean you can receive injections, just that the risk of bruising complications may be higher. Avoid vigorous activities for 2-3 days following your injections. Also, don’t lay down for about 4 hours after your injections.

Who shouldn’t receive Botox?

People shouldn’t receive botox if they have certain neurological diseases, paralysis of the face, or if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. Every case is different and should be analyzed by a physician.

How much does it cost?

At Key West Med Spa, we offer free physician consultations for botox. If you decide to get botox, the cost of Botox Injections (yes we only use real, full-strength Botox) is $12 per unit. The Botox at Key West Med Spa is expertly placed by our board certified physician, who has been giving Botox since 2004.